Biocomicals is a fun and dynamic webcomic that brings the world of science and medicine to life. It's not just about the adventures of scientists, but it takes a playful look at everything from genes and mice to proteins and common lab equipment. Biocomicals has a variety of sections, including Bioinformatics, Biology, and even a Cartoon Idea section where drawings come to life from readers' suggestions.
During the pandemic, a special COVID-19 section was added, featuring cartoons about life in these unique times.
Each comic is the creative product of Dr. Alper Uzun, who adds color to the world of science with his words and illustrations. And the best part? A brand new comic could pop up at any moment, keeping things exciting and fresh!
You're welcome to use Biocomicals cartoons in your presentations for non-commercial use, such as academic lectures or seminars, at no cost. However, we kindly request that you acknowledge the source by citing the comics.
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Citation format: www.biocomicals.com, Alper Uzun, PhD.

Guidelines for Commercial Usage of Biocomicals' Content:
For commercial usage of the comics, kindly initiate contact via email to discuss fees and additional details. Commissions and inquiries about specific comics and illustrations are warmly welcomed.
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biocomicals1 at gmail dot com
It is important to note that third parties without the approval of the cartoonist, comics can not be used for any commercial purposes.
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Third parties without the approval of the cartoonist cannot use Biocomicals cartoons for any commercial purposes. ©Biocomicals 2024 by Alper Uzun, PhD